Advanced Course

Advanced Course (2 days)


The Architecture of Learning Advanced Course is recommended for instructional designers, school leadership, and K-12 educators of all content areas that have been certified and have implemented Architecture of Learning in their currently-employing organization for at least one year.

Participants experience in-depth review of program principles, receive extensive practice and coaching for program implementation, along with an update of current research implications in the following areas:

•  The neurocognitive process of constructing understanding
•  The concept of cognitive blending and its relationship to learning
•  The relationships between experience, comprehension, elaboration, application, and intention
•  The various types of subject matter and the learning processes associated with each
•  Instructional design using Architecture of Learning Blueprints
•  The development of assessments based on the process of teaching, which is based on the process of learning, creating instructional coherence and validity