Advanced Course Testimonials: January 2012

In what ways has the Architecture of Learning Basic Course energized you, encouraging your own learning, growth, and improvement?

The course has given me purpose for what I do. An excellent motivator.

I’m so excited to have scientific evidence to back up what I have felt was needed for years PLUS give us ways to facilitate learning!

It has reinforced my commitment to base my teaching on brain-based research.

The deeper understanding of the content encourages me to think more about these concepts in my teaching; I’m more sure about sharing the ideas with others.

…to have peer input about training was so valuable.

Reinforced the validity of the learning process.

I feel more confident to bring this to my teachers as a way of growing in excellence.

This was a great refresher of the basic tenets of Architecture of Learning. The enthusiasm for the potential to really grow world changers among our students was contagious.

This training has me excited to go back and help revolutionize the teaching at our school!

What new ideas have you gained during the Architecture of Learning Advanced Course?

The role of creativity in every stage of the learning process has challenged me to flesh it out/facilitate it more fully in my instructional design.

Being intentional with the elaboration strand in order to evaluate student development with new material.

Seeing how the most current brain research validates Architecture of Learning is quite exciting.

It could transform our school K-12 if we can all embrace its efficiency and efficacy.

The idea/truth that pattern identification does not come easily to most; I am not alone.

In what ways have you witnessed Architecture of Learning supporting your organization’s vision, values, and purpose?

Our school seeks to graduate students who not only know information but can effectively utilize it in multiple contexts to make the greatest personal impact on the world. Architecture of Learning give teachers a better path and tools to accomplish that.

Our goal is to develop students who are life-long learners and this program facilitates that beautifully.

We strive to create life-long learners. While the idea is novel, techniques [we use] are a bit archaic; Architecture of Learning brings teaching and learning into this century.

We want to produce higher-level-thinking world-changers, which is what Architecture of Learning is all about.

Architecture of Learning will help us grow learners who will be able to be self-directed, confident, competent learners in the unknown future.

By focusing on intention, we form critical thinkers that are able to take what we teach them and apply it to real-world experiences.

What additional thoughts regarding your Architecture of Learning Advanced Course experience would you like us to know?

I am so excited to teach my students in a whole new way. I feel like this has been life-changing.

Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm for what he does is inspiring. His continuing thirst for knowledge reminds me that we are never finished growing.

It was a “beautiful” balance of independent work seasoned with effective feedback that provides guidance and improvement.

I really appreciated the format of this course. Architecture of Learning was presented to us in the same way Architecture of Learning suggests materials should be presented.

Kevin’s enthusiasm for and commitment to best learning practices is contagious!

Rereading the book was a valuable experience.

I think the fact that the Drafing Table will allow us to submit Blueprints for Kevin’s review is excellent. This sort of feedback is so important!

I really appreciated the “having to” learn in-depth and present a concept. This was great as a teacher and learner. The note card activity we did enabled success. A great model of Architecture of Learning!