Basic Course


Basic Course (3 days)


The Architecture of Learning Basic Course is recommended for instructional designers, school leadership, and K-12 educators of all content areas. The course is taught by qualified, certified Architecture of Learning instructors during three consecutive, full days of instruction. Each day of instruction has been designed using Architecture of Learning and appropriately models the processes of experience, comprehension, elaboration, application, and intention. Sessions are intense and require high levels of participation and critical thinking.

This highly-interactive instructional design course explores:

The neurocognitive process of constructing understanding

The concept of cognitive blending and its relationship to learning

The relationships between experience, comprehension, elaboration, application, and intention

The various types of subject matter and the learning processes associated with each

Instructional design using Architecture of Learning Blueprints

The development of assessments based on the process of teaching, which is based on the process of learning, creating instructional coherence and validity