Basic Course Testimonials: Summer 2011

In what ways has the Architecture of Learning Basic Course energized you, encouraging your own learning, growth, and improvement?

Inspired me to be the best educator

It has contributed to my enthusiasm to begin the school year by helping me see my lessons from a student’s point of view.

…I can begin [the school year] with a refreshing way of engaging my students.

It has made me realize that there is so much more to teaching than we think.

I feel so driven to be the best possible teacher I can be for my students.

I really feel that this type of unit planning is exciting and doable…

The thinking through each strand helped me to understand how to guide learning.

I am looking forward to using the principle of Architecture of Learning in teaching Math. During this training I gained some insights as to why certain mathematical concepts have not been clear to students.

It has made me be more intentional in my thinking and planning.

I knew a lot of the principles but never in such a concise and organized way. Thanks for a “life changing” experience.

What excites me is that our whole staff will be on the same page.

It has given me a clear picture of what I need to accomplish in order for my students to succeed.

With many years since my graduate work, I needed this re-energizing course and its valuable message.

I really enjoyed the part about phrasing your feedback carefully with words that foster, not shut down the learning process.


What new ideas have you gained from the Architecture of Learning Basic Course?

Realizing that leading students to discover the big idea—pattern statement—is the key to true learning.

The Blueprint process is a perfect “new framework” for learning. The experience idea is the best training tool I have learned.

I have learned or seen things from a student perspective that will aid me as I seek to really help my students.

Using elaboration to help students make connections

The importance of a reference point in learning and retention

Critical element of learning being aligned with assessment

The importance of instructional feedback is very important to every student.

Designing a totally integrated unit of teaching, learning, and assessment aligned with brain research

Having the students make the world-connections, not me [doing that] for them

The use of a formal Blueprint will make my planning and actual teaching a lot easier and much more effective.

I’ve learned that placing parts of your lessons into “cells” creates a more efficient lesson.


How does Architecture of Learning fit with your organization’s vision, values, and purpose?

Provides a framework/foundation for excellence in Education, which is what we strive for.

Architecture of Learning fits with our mission as a school because it addresses the whole child as a learner and recognizes the need to respect the learner.

Oh, my did we need this! I believe it will be a driving force to make good teachers become great (and hopefully exemplary!)

This school wants to be a true center of learning and the Architecture of Learning gives us a way to do so.

I think it will foster integrity in our grading.

It confirms my reason for teaching.

Children will see a bigger purpose for their schoolwork efforts.

In what ways do you plan to follow through to improve your instruction and your students’ learning?

I plan to use the Blueprints and align my assessments.

I especially look forward to using patterns to connect “old” knowledge with “new” concepts.

Be more intentional with the most important lessons—make sure that true learning is taking place.

I plan to review and reflect on what I have learned and implement it a little at a time and more as I become comfortable.

I want to make sure I’m teaching my students to think deeply.

I plan on identifying the key goals of my curriculum and implementing Architecture of Learning Blueprints.

I will use the Blueprints and assessment for introducing major concepts (Art).

Make sure my plans include a reference point; more feedback during and after assessment.


What additional thoughts regarding your Architecture of Learning Basic Course experience would you like us to know?

Keep your passion for teaching and learning always! Thanks!

It has been a joy to learn from you!

This was an excellent professional development class.

This was a challenging course for me, but it made me think of a new way to teach.

Teaching is both a science and an art and this approach supports both.

It was just great! Full of ideas, examples, lists, and guidelines.

Great job! God is using you to help us accomplish our school’s mission.

Dr. Washburn practices what he preaches. Thanks so much for your love of learning.

So great to pause and really think and examine how and why [we] are teaching!

Kevin is a great instructor—presents materials well; he’s enthusiastic, very helpful, and available.

I truly believe you are interested in our success.

I loved learning this! It helped having the course rather than just reading the book…Now I feel confident to use this knowledge!