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Architecture of Learning Drafting Table: Subscriber Features

Thank you for your interest in the online Architecture of Learning Drafting Table developed by Clerestory Learning. The Drafting Table is a tool that helps teachers design instruction on Architecture of Learning Blueprints based on the way the brain learns. For additional explanation of these Blueprints, you may find the Drafting Table Introduction page helpful.

All registered users log in to the Drafting Table by going to and clicking on Drafting Table. While all registered users enjoy basic functions, such as creating, editing, emailing, sharing, and saving up to three blueprints and three rubrics, we are happy to announce several new features available to all registered users who become subscribers.

Subscribers enjoy the freedom to save an unlimited number of blueprints and rubrics and can freely access them 24/7. They are always editable and can easily be printed, emailed, or shared with a colleague.

Additionally, one of the most interesting subscriber features is how accessible Dr. Washburn makes himself. Subscribers can request one-time feedback on each Blueprint or Rubric; each request is submitted to Dr. Washburn who, as time allows, sends feedback by an emailed reply.

In addition to receiving feedback, subscribers can now easily collaborate with other educators. While sharing a static copy of the Blueprint/Rubric is helpful, collaborating backs up the current copy of the Blueprint or Rubric and allows other people you invite to edit your Blueprint/Rubric. Users no longer need to work on Blueprints and rubrics in isolation; and no more copier, cutting, pasting, penciled notes, or dog-eared blueprints. This is collaborative customization that is simple, clean, and safe from hardware malfunction.

And finally, the new coaching prompter systemically helps subscribers reflect on the most important areas of each Blueprint. Dr. Washburn, through the Coaching Prompter, asks pointed questions, similar to those he would ask in person during course instruction. Resulting Blueprint refinements can give you the confidence of knowing your blueprint possesses strong instructional integrity.

We think you’ll agree, these advanced features — the ability to create, customize, save, and easily access up to 50 Blueprints and Rubrics 24/7, an option to request Dr. Washburn’s feedback, an easy-to-use collaborate function, and a confidence-building coaching prompter — significantly enhance the Drafting Table’s value, ultimately increasing user productivity.

Subscription Options
We invite you to sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription to experience the expanded functionality. Activate your trial subscription when you register, or if you are already a registered user go to My Account and select Free 30-Day Trial Subscription. Your trial subscription will automatically expire after 30 days, or you can upgrade at any time and subscribe — simply go to My Account and select Subscribe. A one-year renewable subscription for an individual is $18. A one-year renewable school subscription is $100 per year. (Every certified Architecture of Learning user, while employed at the school, can be added to this yearly subscription at no extra cost.)

Clerestory Learning strives to create tools that enable educators to teach effectively. As always, if you need any help with the Architecture of Learning Drafting Table or have suggestions, contact us any time. We hope you find this online tool helpful in supporting your work in engaging students, deepening their learning, and equipping them to influence their worlds.