Architecture of Learning


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Welcome to the Architecture of Learning Drafting Table, a free online app developed by Clerestory Learning to help teachers plan instruction based on the way the brain learns.

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The Architecture of Learning Drafting Table is available to anyone who is attending or has completed the Architecture of Learning Basic Course, or to anyone who has read The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain. The Drafting Table enables users to customize Architecture of Learning Blueprints and build rubrics for instructional units. 

Access the Architecture of Learning Drafting Table to:

  • Create, save, share, and print customized Blueprints and rubrics easily
  • Grant colleagues access to your Blueprints to collaborate effortlessly
  • Access the Coaching Prompter to confidently create Blueprints with instructional integrity
  • Request feedback from Dr. Kevin Washburn, creator of the Architecture of Learning instructional model