Refresher (1 day)


The Architecture of Learning Refresher is recommended for an organization whose instructional designers, school leadership, and K-12 educators of all content areas that have been certified and have implemented Architecture of Learning for one year.

The Refresher addresses blueprint application questions for specific content areas, guides school assessment and instruction/mission alignment review, and provides an update of current research implications in the following areas:

•  The neurocognitive process of constructing understanding
•  The concept of cognitive blending and its relationship to learning
•  The relationships between experience, comprehension, elaboration, application, and intention
•  The various types of subject matter and the learning processes associated with each
•  Instructional design using Architecture of Learning Blueprints
•  The development of assessments based on the process of teaching, which is based on the process of learning, creating instructional coherence and validity

Additional topics that enhance teaching effectiveness (e.g., motivation) may be included if time allows.

Required Materials

An extensive handout (PDF) will be emailed to the school prior to the event to print and distribute for each participant.

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