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The key to effective instructional design is understanding how people learn.

Neurocognitive research findings help us understand how the brain learns. The Architecture of Learning instructional design model draws upon those findings, and offers every teacher a step-by-step process to develop instruction that not only capitalizes on the brain’s natural learning systems, but also fosters critical and creative thinking.

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The Book

Written for teachers, educational leaders, and instructional designers, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain uses applied research from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to explain how the brain constructs new learning. One reviewer described the book’s essence this way: “[This] book was written to help teachers become instructional designers (not simple curriculum writers) and to understand the ‘now what.’”

The Courses

Becoming intentional about instructional design requires a deep understanding of how learning occurs. Experiencing instruction that purposefully moves through the brain’s learning processes gives instructional designers the understanding and confidence to strategically create optimal instruction for lasting learning. Begin with the Basic Course; use the model for a while, then attend the Advanced Course to be certified to teach colleagues.

The Refresher

Reading the book is a perfect prequel to attending the Basic Course; then using the model for a year or more solidifies understanding and enables real-world application. But now you’re ready to delve more deeply; what is current research saying and what are the implications for learning? How can Blueprint design most effectively help students achieve exemplary results no matter the subject type? How can this model help strengthen assessment integrity? Get answers to real-world questions and leave refreshed.

Online Drafting Table

The Architecture of Learning Blueprint is key to constructing strategic, organized instruction. We are pleased to announce the NEW Architecture of Learning Drafting Table, an online tool that guides Architecture of Learning users through Blueprint construction using prompts and customizable templates. Rubric design, an additional Drafting Table feature, has never been easier. Users enjoy several options—sharing, editing, printing, collaborating (coming soon), and storing up to 50 blueprints and 50 rubrics.

Architecture of Learning is a Professional Development Program developed and published by Clerestory Learning, a division of Clerestory Learning/Make Way for Books, LLC